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How to Manage Your Curls in Humidity

It’s inevitable…with summer comes heat and humidity. In the past, this has meant months of fighting flyaway frizzy hair. Summer can mean the beginning of beautiful curls, if one simple rule is followed: fight water with water.

The key is to use water-based products that work with the moisture in the air to maintain smoothly defined curls. Fact: oil and water do not mix.

Forget about trying to control your hair in humid weather with oil or silicone-based products.

You should embrace summer. In your location the climate may be dry which will give you more options. It will be possible for you to straighten your hair and control the frizz. In very humid climates Curl Keeper is essential. The following steps will guarantee a frizz-free summer.

The first step is to keep your hair wet and make sure there are no tangles.

Detangling can sometimes be painful, but it is a very important step towards frizz freedom. Slip Detangler will help remove all the knots and tangles and is perfectly ph balanced to shut down open cuticles without leaving residue in the hair. Make sure to use a generous amount and follow the instructions on the bottle.

Begin applying a generous amount of Curl Keeper from roots to ends.

Applying Curl Keeper to tangle-free clean hair will ensure an even distribution. For those extra humid days use more Curl Keeper .

Applying additional styling product can improve the overall finished look. Using Silk Leave-In Conditioner on wet hair will soften rough, dry cuticles and give a softer curl. Curly Hair Solutions Gel provides just the right amount of hold for curly hair. Applying Gel to the roots will add volume to your style.

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At this point your curls should be loose from the detangling and combing through, and still be very wet. You now have the opportunity to manipulate your hair into the desired curl formation by gently squeezing your curls.

Listen for the “squish”. The more you “squish” the tighter and more controlled your curls will be. When you are happy with the curl formation, allow the Curl Keeper to do its job by not touching your hair for about ten minutes. Be patient; wait until your hair is surface dry before starting to achieve the finished look.

Now is the time to shake your head around to soften the curls. The more you play and shake your hair, the looser the curl will become and the more volume you will create.

For more information, check out How to use Curl Keeper. Don’t let humidity

get in the way of having a frizz-free summer.