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Is Grey OK?

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Grey hair is unique. There are many theories as to what causes our hair to turn grey - stress, heredity, and the aging process. The fact is that grey hair is hair that has lost all its natural pigmentation. Some hair grows in grey and others fade from root to end. There are people who look great with grey hair - and, as colourists, we believe in enhancing hair and can easily shine away unwanted yellow tones. When only a few grey hairs start to appear, you will notice them immediately. They are shiny as if they are shouting "Here I Am". We can camouflage them with a technique we call "reverse shining." This is achieved by shining your natural colour and dulling the grey (the same illusion appears when your hair is wet). The decision to colour grey hair is only half the battle. Because there is no pigment in hair, we can't just apply a tint. When painting a red wall white, the first coat turns to pale pink. The same theory applies to colouring grey hair. Natural hair has up to five different tones and several shades must show through to prevent your hair from looking like a wig.

We often receive questions from people with grey hair wondering if they can still wear their hair long, or if a shorter cut is more appropriate. All curly hair can look great whether it’s long or short, as long as it is kept healthy and moisturized and styled frizz free. Otherwise, as is the case with most curly hair, it can tend to look wiry and dry. Messy frizzy grey hair is exaggerated as grey frizzy hair is more transparent. Light shines through the hair reflecting on the scalp, creating the look of thinner finer hair. When grey hair is styled correctly and the entire frizz is contained, the grey curls are stunning. The controlled definition of grey curls becomes the envy of many grey haired curlies that are trapped in the constant battle of covering the new root regrowth with hair colour every four weeks.