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Is Hair Dead?

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Some people say that hair is dead - and nothing can change the state of their hair. No pulse or nerve endings can be found in hair. However, there are many unproven theories.


Side effects from medication and anesthetic affect the hair to such an extent that even the strongest perm solutions won't penetrate. Hormone imbalance during pregnancy can alter the structure of the entire head.


From fine, straight hair a wave can occur, evolving into a full head of curls…sometimes lasting a couple of months, sometimes forever.


The most unusual change I ever witnessed was when a regular client with natural brown hair colour lost 60% of her colour from roots to ends overnight, after her husband had a severe heart attack... I can only presume that it was totally stress-related. Restoring hair damage is a creative challenge to most enthusiastic hair stylists.


Because hair is porous and has the ability to absorb, we can control what we put into the hair strand. The key is knowing what minerals need to be deposited. There are a lot of unknown facts about hair.


Every day researchers discover something new - making hairdressing in the 21st century a very exciting time.