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It's Hip To Be Grey

A common question we receive from people with grey hair is “can my hair be long, or because it’s grey does it have to be short?”   The answer we give to that question is--

“Grey hair can be long or short”. Just like all curly hair, as long as the hair is healthy and moisturized, you can achieve great curls and embrace the grey no matter what the length. Make sure to eliminate the brassy yellow tones and use Curl Keeper for total control of your hair.

When grey curly hair is controlled it looks classy. When it is not controlled it tends to look wiry and dry. The key to wearing grey hair longer is in the styling. As grey hair is natural and not treated with chemicals, people with grey hair love our Curly Hair Solutions Conditioner. It is light weight but has powerful moisturizing ingredients and proteins that never build up and never leave a film on your hair. The shine on grey hair will come through without looking dull and flat. Grey hair will stay cleaner for a longer period of time when you don’t use products that contain silicones.

Using Curl Keeper on long grey hair allows you to benefit from the ringlet. The key is the amount of control needed to form the ringlet. Grey hair just like all curly hair has a tendency to be dry and wiry. Silk Leave-In Conditioner will eliminate all the rough, dry wiry pieces and make your hair look and feel much softer. You can use Silk Leave-In Conditioner liberally, as you can with all Curly Hair Solutions products, because they do not contain any silicones and are never sticky or greasy. For more information on grey curly hair please see Is Grey OK?