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Jonathan Quotes

Adding a colour that has shine to transparent frizzy ends will make curly hair look less frizzy. The hair will reflect more light and make it look healthier and richer.

Don’t cut curly hair too short - it shrinks! Never stretch hair down and cut curly hair; this is guesswork and you will hate the result.

The pH balance of curly hair is a scale of matching our environment to our body. Perfect hair should have a pH of 4.5 - 5.5. Curly Hair Solutions™ treatments will help restore the correct pH balance to your hair, especially after chemical services.

A perfect ringlet forms when a curl wraps around itself at least two and a half times.

In doing research, I’ve discovered that silk is the strongest natural fiber on our planet. Silk’s tiny molecules are able to penetrate deep into the hair without having to rely on heat. It feels very clean and never greasy. Silk protein never builds up.

When colouring hair, if the root area is very vibrant, but the ends are faded and flat, that’s because there are fewer proteins at the ends. The colour molecule attaches itself to the protein molecule in the hair. Replenish the lost proteins and your hair will look fresher and brighter.

I have discovered that applying silk protein to the hair a few days prior to colouring, gives unbelievably rich, longer lasting colour!

In our salon, before we bring colour through to the ends, we add a teaspoon of Pure Silk Protein to the colour. This ensures brighter, richer colour all the way through the hair.

When having you hair bleached, adding silk protein to the bleach will prevent excess damage to your hair, enhance the shine and keeps the formula from drying out the hair.

In cold weather, improving the elasticity in weak flat hair will give curls more bounce and strength.

When straightening hair, avoid silicone heavy products as they will act as a magnet for dust. A silicone free product will keep your hair style looking natural and cleaner longer.

Although excess heat and tension are required in straightening curly hair, it is important to protect the hair from damage. Hair with closed cuticles allows a brush to slide through more easily.

To build volume in curly hair, the best method is to scrunch the hair while drying. The more you play the bigger it gets. Scrunching will add volume, especially at the roots.

Using the right tools for the job will help each of the process. Every stylist has many tools in their drawer, make sure that they use the right ones for your wonderful curly hair.

Learning how to use a round brush can be a huge tangle challenge. Using a round brush on dry, well conditioned hair is less likely to tangle. Remove excess moisture from the hair before you start brushing.

To speed up drying time, once you have applied Curl Keeper™ all over and have squeezed some squishy curls, hang your head over and hold a damp towel (better than a dry one) on your hair without moving it for about 10 seconds to absorb excess moisture.

Try not wearing your hair tied back in a ponytail when you go for a haircut as your hairstylist needs to examine your naturally formed curls before your hair gets wet.

I believe that using the correct shampoo and how often it is used with proper rinsing is one of the most important steps in the treating and controlling frizzy hair.

Although flat irons work wonders at smoothing hair, the damage can be severe causing breakage. Extracts in Re Mane Straight™ will protect your hair against extreme high heat appliances, but I would suggest giving your hair a treated rest from that hot iron from time to time.

In order to appreciate the detangling performance of my conditioners, allow the treatment to perform it's function by leaving it in your hair long enough to adjust the Ph balance to the right level (Ph of 5.5). Usually 3-5 minutes.

Did you know that a hairdryer on its highest setting can reach temperatures hot enough to boil water? Re Mane Straight™ will help to protect your hair against damage.

It is more likely that a perm will fail to take on red hair as there are more sulphur bonds on red hair than any other hair color.

Hair continues to form new bonds for over 24 hours after receiving a perm. To guarantee the success of your perm allow your hair to fully oxidize during this delicate time by leaving it in its new shape without any interference.

If you switch between contacts and glasses make sure that you bring your glasses with you to the salon for your hair consultation so that your stylist can take their shape into consideration for that new look.

Take the time to tell your stylist about your fashion choices and lifestyle during your consultation. This will help them to understand the overall look you're trying to achieve.

After drying your hair, let it cool before you check to see if it's dry. Warm hair will feel dry but as it cools, you may notice that in fact it's still damp.

"Green swimmers hair” is not caused by the chlorine in the water but rather by the copper algaecides in the pool water additives, as well as from the copper feed pipes. The green tint can be eliminated by thoroughly rinsing your hair after each dip in the pool.

Static electricity in your hair is caused by rubbing two conducting bodies together, such as, hair on hair or hair on clothing. This can be minimized by maintaining the right moisture balance of your hair. Curl Keeper™ will help to maintain the right moisture in your hair.