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Styling and Makeover Videos

Lifestyle & trends videos

The Tunnel Cut

The Tunnel Cut is a revolutionary curl cutting technique, created by Jonathan Torch, that reduces the unwanted bulk of natural curls to acheive a fresh and flawless curly hairstyle.

Watch The Tunnel Cut

Tunnel Cut Revisted: 4 Months Later

See Cheyenne reveal how she felt about the Tunnel Cut, how she's managing her curls, the day to day maintenence and how her curls look and feel 4 months later.

Watch Tunnel Cut Revistited

Meet Curl Keeper Creator Jonathan Torch

With over 25 years of experience with curly hair, Jonathan Torch has revolutionized the way curls are styled, cut and cared for. See Jonathan's journey and how he rose to become an expert in the curly hair world.

Watch Jonathan Torch

Introducing New Curl Keeper Styling Collection

Create a style that's your own with Curl Keeper Original, Curl Keeper Gel, plus more Styling products to come. Whether loose, medium or tight, the Collection has every curl type covered.

Watch New Curl Keeper Styling Collection

OH SO COSMO - Jacqui at The Curly Hair Institute

OH SO COSMO Jacqui Skeet takes viewers into the world of the curly hair community at the salon.

Watch Jacqui at The Curly Hair Institute

OH SO COSMO - Curly Vs Straight

Jacqui Skeete finds out why curly hair is more attractive.

Watch Curly VS Straight

Part 1 - Understanding Curly Hair

Jonathan demonstrates the in's and out's of curly hair and how you can manage your own curls.

Watch Understanding Curly Hair

Part 2 - Shampooing Curly Hair

Discover the key things to note when washing your curls, whether you wash it daily or every second day.

Watch Shampooing Curly Hair

Part 3 - Detangling Curly Hair

Detangling is key in getting perfect curl formation. Watch as Jonathan demostrates how to detangle all types of curls.

Watch Detangling Curly Hair

Part 4 - How to Control Frizz

All curly hair is frizzy, as dryness causes frizz. Knowing how to control it is key in achieving the ideal look.

Watch How to Control Frizz

Part 5 - How to Achieve The Perfect Curl

Follow along with Jonathan as he demonstrates techniques to use in order to achieve define, frizz free curls.

Watch How to Achieve Pefect Curls

Part 6 - Bouncy Curls

Need more bounce? Jonathan offers tips in how to add more life and bounce to your curls.

Watch Bouncy Curls

Part 7 - Volume for Curly Hair

Many curlies know that achieveing volume is quite the task. Get a few pointers from Jonathan as he demonstrates a few techniques to help you acheive extra amount of volume.

Watch Volume for Curly Hair

Part 8 - Drying Curly Hair

To dry naturally or with a diffuser is always the question. Jonathan shares a few techniques to remember when it comes to drying your curls.

Watch Drying Curly Hair

Part 9 - Styling Curly Hair

Jonathan shares how to maintain and reactive your curls the days in between washing.

Watch Styling Curly Hair

Part 10 - How to Sleep on Curly Hair

Tips on how to protect your curls at night and be frizz free and fabulous in the morning.

Watch Sleeping on Curly Hair