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Lord of the Ringlets

Start off the New Year proud to be curly! Curly hair is now extremely mainstream and a look that is even desired by people with straight hair. No matter what level of expertise you are at styling your hair, everyone always strives to achieve the perfect curl. Every tip that has been handed down to other curly heads over the years has contributed to the popularity of curly hair, which has now moved to the forefront of hair fashion.

How many of you have been complimented on your curly hair? You know who you are. Sometimes it can be difficult to walk around the block without people approaching you to give you compliments on your curls.

You are all familiar with the time and effort it takes to achieve a great curly hair look – people with curly hair are known for it. A person with great curls is remembered for their look. Learning to create and control a hairstyle the way you want it to be is a goal that many of our members and customers were able to achieve in 2007. As no two curly heads are alike, great curls are always appreciated. We want you to share your styling and product knowledge with other curly heads and be the “Lord of the Ringlets” in your social circle.