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My Hair: The Break Up and The Make Up

The beginning of the year always lends itself to making resolutions which will result in big changes…eventually. While of course I made my list of objectives and goals, I wanted something a little out of the norm, daring, and would fulfill my need for instant gratification. After I polished off half a bottle of pinot-gris, it came to me. “I’ll do something with my hair!”

But where do I start? Lucky for me I already have the most amazing hair stylist, so I thought why not start there. I called up the Curly Hair Whisperer himself, Jonathan Torch and we discussed what kind of changes I was looking for. I wanted to do something different and I felt like I was ready for a big cut. Jonathan advised that I do a little research and see if there were any images that I might have in mind.

I did my due diligence and like any other hot-blooded Canadian woman, I hit the net in search of the perfect celebrity hairstyle I’d like to emulate. To be honest, it was a bit difficult, because there aren’t many celebs that opt for the curly look. But once I decided to search beyond the scope of Hollywood I started finding really amazing looks! @Pinterest actually had a variety of interesting styles.

I sent Jonathan my top images, and I set a date for my make over and counted down. To be honest I had to set two dates, because I chickened out the first time. I had a bit of BCAD - Big Chop Anxiety Disorder. As a result my first appointment was used for highlighting, which I haven’t done since the dreaded highlight of ‘98 (let’s just say there was a highlight cap involved, and only a select few of you will understand how devastating that experience really could be).

I let Jonathan take the lead on this, as I really had no idea what I wanted. We joked about color swatches and then he got down to business: mixing, painting, and foiling.

The second time I went in I was ready. And my hair knew it. The eve of the big chop, my hair pulled out all the stops – she was the perfect luminous frizz free bouncy curls I always wanted. I had to say, “Look, it just hasn’t been working for me lately. This is best for the both of us. Think of all the fun we’re going to have in the next couple months. Let’s just start over! Ok?” And once my nervous system obliged, I sat in Jonathan’s chair and I let his hands talk to my curls. He cut that first curl like a mayor at a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony. The photog took the first pic. And we were off to the races!

One of the most intimate experiences you can have is at the salon. Get your mind out of the gutter!! What I mean is who else in your life gets to handle your hair in that way? And who else do you trust to cut, style, dye, and change your appearance to that degree? So as my life was in his hands we talked about everything; life, work, love. And before I knew it inches of my hair was lying on the ground. He did his magic and after a bit of diffusing, my hair was done.

“Wow, it’s short!” I exclaimed. “It’s short-er”, he replied. Short or shorter I loved it! And once I thanked him and the rest of the Curly Hair Institute beauties I was on my way home to go and spend endless hours playing with it.

A new hair style is like an accessory you want to try on with every outfit in your closet. It changes the way move, the way you look, and the way you feel. So whatever your new hair makeover is, take some time to enjoy it! Because hair grows as fast as time flies, so take a minute to have fun with it!

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