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New Curl Category Kits

Every person with curly hair has different hair to anyone else. Curly hair is unique to each individual who has it. Curly hair can come in the form of loose and wavy, medium and tight curls. Then within each curl category curls can be thick and frizzy, fine, fragile or strong, there are endless possibilities which enforces the fact that no two curls are ever the same.

We are proud to introduce our new starter kits that aim to fit with your personal curl. The three customized starter kits make it easy to get started with the right products for your hair type and to become the master of your own curls.

The Loose Curl Strarter Kit will help deepen the ‘s’ formation and support the looser curl or wave adding more bounce and strength. It allows you to enhance your curl with more volume and style and of course eliminate frizz 100% of the time without adding weight. The Loose Curl Starter Kit contains our travel sizes of Curl Keeper™ , Slip™ Detangler , ReMane Straight™ , Gel and Treatment Shampoo .

The Medium Curl Starter Kit controls the balance between moisture and strength allowing you to maintain the right level of each all the time. It will help you achieve length without sacrificing the volume while getting support where you need it the most. This kit will give you the right amount of moisture for medium curls while providing the necessary strength to keep your hair healthy, frizz free and looking great. The Medium Curl Starter Kit contains our travel sizes of Curl Keeper™ , Slip™ Detangler , Silk Shampoo , Silk Leave-In Conditioner , and Conditioner .

The Tight Curl Starter Kit not only focuses on giving you the right amount of moisture which is essential for tight curls, but also provides the right products to give you the ultimate style management with absolutely no frizz. It will control the shrinkage, condition and moisture of the hair leaving the curls feeling soft, with no heavy product buildup. The Tight Curl Starter Kit which includes travel sizes of Curl Keeper™ , EXTENZZ™ , Pure Silk Protein , Silk Leave-In Conditioner and Silk Shampoo .

These kits make traveling with the right products easy which will allow you to have gorgeous frizz control curls at home and on the go.