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New Product EXTENZZ™

The ultimate non-chemical product that relaxes curls and Prevents Curls From Shrinking. By using the correct combing techniques, EXTENZZ™ allows users to easily manipulate their curls into looser, well defined, frizz-free curls without the look and feel of heavy oils.

Problem: Tighter or firmer curls shrink dramatically in length once they dry, causing bulkiness which does not flatten the face and style of the hair. Tighter kinky curls are more difficult to conform into controlled defined curls and is the most prone to frizz.

Solution: Finally, a styling product that without damaging the hair can loosen the tightest of curls and soften course wiry hair preventing you from having to use harsh chemical relaxers.

•Tight curls unwind easily
•Softens wiry course hair
•Dries curls looser
•Stops frizz in all weather conditions
•Re-activates with water
•Styles last for days
•Re group out of control curl and wave patterns into control defined curls
•Dries clean; no flaky or greasy feel