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New Style Resolution

Happy New Year. We welcome first-time curlies to a brand new year of Curl Freedom and our loyal club members to another year of frizz free curls. The first and most important step you will need to take is to accept a less structured hairstyle. In today’s fashion world this hairstyle is called “Messy Sexy”. It may take several attempts to achieve the comfort level necessary to have Curl Freedom and with Curl Keeper you can have style with no frizzy curls. Longer hair will makes ringlets easier to control and growing longer curls does not have to be painful. Have fun in your quest to grow longer hair, as there are so many hot styles and techniques to help you along the way.

If you get bored with your hair in the growing out stage, learn to play with colour to enhance the style and look. Colouring curly hair is very different to traditional colouring and will not damage your hair when done and maintained properly. Brighten up the long, dull winter with the right colour combination and see how colour can create different illusions. Perceptive Colour Design . Successful hair colour depends on the proper maintenance with the right products. Colour Treated Hair Kit.