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Power of Protein

Why is your colour richer at the root area (scalp) than near the ends?

This is due to a higher concentration of proteins in the new hair near the scalp, causing the colour molecules to attach to the protein molecules in the hair shaft. Pure Silk Protein penetrates the hair shaft allowing colour molecules to attach easily to the faded ends of your hair. Before chemically colouring your hair, we strongly recommend a series of treatments with our Pure Silk Protein and you will get a more even distribution of colour between the faded ends and the roots. Overdoing these protein treatments is impossible as the Pure Silk Protein has a tiny molecular weight that penetrates and performs safely and immediately. Silk protein is the safest and most natural protein I have ever researched for hair because silk is one of the strongest natural fibers on the planet. We add You will notice a difference and achieve longer and more successful colour results when you treat your hair with proteins rather than silicones.