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Curl Keeper Gel

Ultimate Hold with Frizz Control
pH 7

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Recommended Curl Type:

  • Loose Curl
  • Medium Curl
  • Tight Curl
  • Kinky Curl
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    Curl Keeper Gel with panthenol gives ultimate holding power without flakiness or crispiness. A water-based formula, Curl Keeper Gel leaves no product buildup and supports any curly hairstyle for longer. Great for scrunching curly hair, styling with brushes, blow-drying or drying naturally.

    Directions:Distribute the curl keeper gel evenly on wet or dry hair. Use alone or with Curl Keeper® Original. Reactivates with water.

    Ingredients: What's in it for you? Click here to find out

Videos & Tips
    • Can be used alone or with Curl Keeper® to get extra hold and support for your curl formation


    • Ultimate hold that lasts all day with no product build up
    • Does not leave curls crusty or hard
    • Maintains shine and brightness of hair colour
    • Effective in high humid weather conditions

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    1. My Secret to Fabulous hair! Review by Bleuschat

      Curl Keeper Gel is my secret to fabulous hair! I have super thick 3B curls with lazier 3A curls on top for added fun (using sarcasm font there!) I have worn my hair curly in the past, but even in the 90's, products and cuts weren't there to support naturally curly hair like they are now. We won't discuss my childhood and the lifetime of bad school photos (did it always have to rain on class picture day?) My hair is on the finer, drier side, like many curlies are. It gets weighed down easily, so most products on the market make it look and feel greasy, while somehow drying it out. My two young and beautiful stylists both rock their natural curls, and I look at them with envy when I come in for my appointments. After watching a gazillion curly videos and reading too many curly blogs, I gathered both good information ("Curl Keeper Original!") and bad information ("sleeping with your hair wet", which, by the way, breaks your fragile-when-wet hair and causes mold to grow in your pillow!) I found my style, a mid-length with lots of layers and side-swept bangs, and went for it. While it worked okay at first, what made the difference was Curl Keeper Gel and Curl Keeper Original! I now use the gel after washing, twist my hair into curls (or just scrunch), scrunch in some Original on top, then pin up the top layers with the awesome roller clips from this site, which help my thick hair dry quicker and gives me more volume. I let it dry for about 30 minutes then diffuse my hair and my cat's for about 5 minutes (he insists; he sits on my lap when I dry my hair and I have it on the lowest setting and keep it moving, so no way I can hurt him). I let it finish drying naturally, fluff, and ta-dah, fabulous hair! Second and even third-day hair is easy-peasy. Fluff, scrunch in some gel on the top layers with wet hands (I mix it so it kind of lathers up), and clip up if needed. Let dry, fluff, and enjoy the compliments! Thank you, Curl Keeper- I never knew my curls could be so easy!

    2. Best Product I've Ever Used Review by Jade

      So I have big fluffy, quite thick, medium sized curls. They normally get frizzy in the blink of an eye. My roommate got a sample of this product in her BirchBox last month and so gave it to me. After washing my hair and leaving it bunched up in a towel for a few minutes, I applied the Curl Keeper Gel as I would normally apply my mousse. Oh. My. Goodness. It's in a different league than any product I've used. I am recommending it to everyone. It's so light, leaves no residue, and reactivates in humidity. WHAT?! It's perfect.

    3. Great! Review by Nadezhda

      Works great on my hair. Bought it by mistake instead the original! But I find it leaves sticky residue after which I don't like but it is the first Gel that has worked on hair, so thank you!

    4. Define perfection Review by Jeanella

      Beautiful curls!

    5. the missing piece of the puzzle Review by Tonya

      I found curl keeper and was very impressed however my curls were still missing something. That is until I found the gel to go with! It completes my look and leaves me feeling more beautiful than ever. Love this product! I gave it only 4 stars because I dont love the smell.

    6. Great! Review by katrina

      This product is great. It gets rid of the frizz. My hair is soft, shiny and frizzless when i use this product. The only reason why it's not 5 stars is because it can get expensive. But it's still worth it.

    7. Fabulous Review by Lisa

      This gel is fabulous to hold curls put in with a wand. It is not sticky and combs through hair nicely.

    8. Great support for curls Review by Mandy

      Never sticky and always gives great support for curls!

    9. Gel!! Review by Claudia

      While I couldn't live without Curl Keeper original, it is Curl Keeper Gel that keeps my curls from falling until my next wash. It is amazing!

    10. the best curl tamer Review by nubia

      My hair is very difficult to style unless i straighten it, but doing so damages the hair a lot. i came across the curl keeper on a beauty subscription i have and i fell in love with it, it tames my curls so i don't look crazy!! Love the product. Came back to purchase a full size of it.

    Results 1 - 10 of 16

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