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Q Benjamin Review on Curly Hair Solutions

I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE- hair salons, grocery stores, hair stores- EVERYWHERE for a product for my naturally curly hair that would tame it, that wouldn’t leave my hair greasy, or too dry or too crunchy. I heard through management about “Curly Hair Solutions” and a new product- “Frizz off”. To say this line is GREAT is an understatement. I suppose it’s necessary to issue a disclaimer- the fact that I am currently a curly hair ambassador for CHS – which only actually means that i’ve gotten the amazing opportunity to become extremely familiar with all of the products, and experiment with what products work best with my hair type and different looks I try to achieve, and I’ve decided that I truly do fully support all of the products.

I remember the first time I had a hair styling with the founder of the product himself- Jonathan Torch. He was amazing! From the second I walked into the salon I was greeted with warm friendly smiles from all of the stylists including Jonathan. Jonathan began to examine and ask me questions about my hair so he could properly assess my curl type (kinky). As I looked around I noticed girls with a variety of different curl types and textures- I fit right in.

As Jonathan thoroughly explained to me step by step what he was doing with my hair, how he was combing it- why he was doing everything he was doing and how to achieve maximum results with the product when applying it myself- I realized… Jonathan knows more about my own hair than I do! He continued to style my curls as he explained to me how to do it myself when I reach home, he shared tips and curl genius secrets that I never would have figured out on my own.

When we were all finished, we blow-dried my hair and I was in love with my curls! I couldn’t believe the result. No exaggeration- I didn’t know my curls could look like this- ever. My curls were left looking well defined, clean, healthier feeling and looking and best of all- NOT frizzy. This product is and has been nothing less than a blessing!

I now use Frizz off every day, it’s easy to use and leaves my hair looking and feeling healthy and the curls well defined. Because of frizz off, I actually prefer my hair curly and only straighten my hair when I feel like a bit of a change. As an artist, I don’t have a lot of time between recording/writing sessions, performing, award shows and music related events-I need my hair to be on point in the process. Since I’ve started using Frizz off I’ve received countless compliments and everywhere I go I recommend this product to curly hair girls EVERYWHERE with all curl types. My favourite product is the “Curl Keeper” and it’s safe to say this product has changed my curl life forever and I can’t imagine life without it.