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Quick Tips Guide

The key to having success with your curls is having the proper curly hair products that work with your curl type to keep your curly hair clean, healthy and prevent frizzy hair. Knowing how to style your curly hair will determine whether you have a good curly hair day or a bad curly hair day. This is why we’ve put together a Quick Tips Guide that will help you with using each of CHS products to achieve maximum results. Learn how to take control and become the Master of Your Curls!

Curl Keeper™ : Apply a generous amount of Curl Keeper™ and comb through wet hair from roots to ends (thicker, frizzier hair will require more water and more product) for an even application. Playing with your curly hair once dry will create more volume and softer curls. The Curl Keeper™ formula re-activates with water , by simply re-wetting frizzy curl sections with wet hands to smooth away any frizzy curls. This will allow you to get many fantastic fantastic frizz-free days in between washing.

EXTENZZ™ is the ultimate Non-Chemical Curl Styling Relaxer . Apply EXTENZZ™ from roots to ends on completely wet combed out and detangled hair, don’t towel dry . The wetter the hair the better, it allows for easier distribution of the product and curly hair is much more pliable. If they have kinky curls, put it in before the hair is cut, that way the comb will glide easily through the hair, removing loose hairs. Using a smaller tooth comb or the Root Brush will help to elongate the hair and curls. The more tension you use while combing from root to tip, the more loose curls will turn out. Allow hair to dry naturally.

Tweek™ is water soluble and does not contain alcohol or silicones , which can damage the hair and create product buildup. Use Tweek™ as a finishing product on dry hair for best results . Rub a little between your palms, scrunch and mold your curls back to life. A small amount will control static flyaway hair. Tweek™ rebuilds broken hairstyles caused by hat head or from the use of hair elastics. It allows you to remold and reshape the curls and the Jojoba Oil adds a non-greasy shine.

Slip™ Detangler is a silicone-free detangling leave-in conditioner that will instantly detangles wet hair, removing all loose hairs, locks in color and eliminates fly away hair. Spray on clean wet hair, wait 30 seconds and then begin to comb the tangles right out of the hair. Slip™ closes the hair cuticles, as a result of the low pH balance, therefore enabling the tangles to come out easily. By spraying Slip™ onto wet hair immediately after your colour application will lock in the new colour.

CHS Gel contains panthenol, which supports the “S” formation of the curl and enables a longer lasting hold without flakiness or crispiness. Gel is a water-based formula that is specifically for curly hair. Distribute it evenly on wet or damp hair. It can be used alone or with Curl Keeper™.

ReMane Straight™ is so effective during those super-humid weather conditions that you can use a generous amount knowing that your hair will dry clean and protected for many days. The extracts in ReMane Straight™ help to prevent heat damage to the hair.

Silk Leave- In Conditioner will control wiry, coarse patches of hair that are difficult to manage, without the use of grease. Silk Leave-In Conditioner allows the hair to look and feel soft without rinsing out.

Pure Silk Protein never builds up so you can use a generous amount after shampooing. This product works to close the hair cuticle while locking in the silk proteins to soften the roughest, driest hair. When coloring your hair, adding a bit of Pure Silk Protein to the hair color will help protect your hair from any color damage. Use Pure Silk Protein again after coloring to ensure longer lasting color results.

Treatment Shampoo : Damage caused from chemical or coloring treatments and high heated appliances, destroys the elasticity. Treatment Shampoo works to rebuild the elasticity of the damaged hair and deepens the “S” formation to bring the bounce back to the curls.

Silk Shampoo : Curly hair doesn’t need the same strength in cleansing as straight hair; therefore the Silk Shampoo being very rich in moisture is perfectly pH balanced for curly hair. It is gentle enough to use on color treated hair as it will not strip the hair of its essential natural oils.

CHS Conditioner is a lightweight, non- greasy, less concentrated version of the Pure Silk Protein. It can be alternated in between using the Pure Silk Protein. Apply after shampooing and rinse out clean.