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Hello beauties, I don’t normally write about hair products but going forward I want to include various different topics on my blog, of course beauty and fashion related. Today’s post is about me and my curly hair and products targeted for curly hair that I have been trying lately. Curly hair can be really manageable or a nightmare. I have thick dry, damaged, super curly hair. How did this happen? Well I have colored, bleached and permed my hair throughout my life time and that has really played a toll on my hair. I normally blow dry my hair because having it straight is the only way I can semi manage my hair, but it still gets super tangled just two seconds after untangling it. Also, in hot summer months my hair gets super frizzy because it’s so dry just by stepping outside buy buy straight hair. So for the summer 100% of the time my hair is up or braided in a side pony tail.

I have tried to embrace my curly hair and in trying so I have tried a few hair care products to help manage my super frizzy curly hair. I have tried everything from mousses, gels, serums, conditioners and oils to manage my curly hair on those days where I let my hair rest from a blow dryer and some of those products worked out, some didn’t. Some of those products left my hair feeling sticky and gooey or hard and crunchy lol... and some did not control my frizziness or my hair tangling issues.

Last month while on Beauty Press event I met Jonathan Torch the creator of Curl Keeper whose passion for hair, shows in the way he talks about hair and his products. He started as a hair stylist who tried to give his clients the self-confidence they needed with cutting and styling their hair. After some time, he decided to develop a new cutting technique for curly hair which he called the Tunnel Cut. This cut is supposed to remove excess and unnecessary hair without destroying the curl formation. This hair cut became so popular that Jonathan decided to open his own salon, The Curly Hair Institute. In this salon, they are dedicated to educate each client on how to style and maintain their curls, how awesome is that. He also realized that not everyone needed a great cut but most curly haired clients just needed to learn how to manage their frizzy hair, like me! So Curl Keeper products were born. He created an effective solution that took ten years of researching and experimenting with high quality ingredients to create the best products that would control frizz regardless of the weather conditions.