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Classy Curlies
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I have a whole new line of products to review for you all. Thanks to the lovely people at SFR Beauty, I am able to share this review with you all. I got the products almost two weeks ago and I finally got a chance to wash my hair.

Silk Shampoo: The name of this shampoo really tells it all! It is very silky and applies to hair very easily. The shampoo is a milky color and is not by any means heavy. The formula is very light and smells of a soft perfume. I did not experience dry hair after rinsing. I also only focused on my scalp when cleansing and my hair is indeed clean. The shampoo contains silk amino acids which translates into protein. This is the only reason why I will not use this for every wash, but it will definitely be one of my go-to products.

Conditioner: I have to say that I was not as impressed with this product as the shampoo. The product is supposed to provide moisture and help during the detangling process. I did not see much of neither. I did like that the texture was light, contained jojoba oil and it had a very pleasant smell. The conditioner's smell reminded me of oats or oatmeal and it made me hungry(LOL). Soon after rinsing, I did not feel much of difference in my hair, nor did it contain any slip. I would suggest using this product as a moisturizer. Everyone's hair is different and maybe it may work better for someone else.

Silk Leave-In Conditioner: I have to say that this was my favorite product of the Curly Hair Solutions line. This product has the same soft perfume smell as the shampoo did and has tons of slip! This product really impressed me. The formula is very light-weight and applies as easy as silk. I does not leave a residue. The very first time I used this product was right before I washed my hair. I applied a small amount to my twist and I was like "okay, I'm liking this." Now that I have used it again with the entire line, it works every better.