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I have never been a fan of hair spray. I hate the fumes that get in the air, I hate how it makes your hair stick into chunks, I just hate the overall feeling of it! I mean who wants to feel like they're walking around with their hair plastered in place rather than having that look naturally? Well guess what?! I found a GREAT alternative to hair spray that I never even knew existed until now. It's called Curly Hair Solutions and it works miracles!

I was sent a bottle of Curly Hair Solutions Tweek and a small sample pouch of Curl Keeper to check out. Well first of all don't mistake this product for shampoo or body wash – it smells wonderful and comes out in the same texture as a body wash or shampoo would. It's not quite as thick, but not as liquid as water. I put just a dab in my hands for reviewing purposes and applied it to my hair It applied smoothly, didn't dry up and leave any crust and felt like my hair was normal – not plastered with a hair spray or gel type product. That's pretty impressive to me. Not to mention it really does work. My hair wasn't all over like crazy and those little stragglers actually stayed in place! Of course if you don't like sparkles then don't look at your hands. After applying the Tweek I had glittery/sparkly hands.

Personally I think this product is genious! Like I said, I hate hair spray products and I don't like sticky gels either. This is not sticky at all. Not to mention it never builds up so you won't get clusters of the product throughout your hair! I have found an excellent product that works great, smells great and NO MORE PLASTER HEAD feeling! I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already started shopping for some!