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 Curly Hair
Curly Hair
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I think part of the problem is using products with sililcones and sulfates. The plastic just coats your curls and looks good for a bit and then the dryness and frizz sets in because of all the plastic build up. The sulfates just cause dryness. A good cleanser and conditioner without sulfates is Devacurl. The Care line of this product is great for color treated curls. Use your pantene once a week just to clarify if you want to. Good curl products that are water based are Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper which you put on when hair is really wet. After the tshirt drying which is a great idea! Then follow with Ag recoil for curl definition and keeping the frizz away. I work at where you can get all these products and more. You will love your curls when you use these great products!