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Hair with Purpose
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Our Experience:

Slip is one of those products that can be used on my whole family. I have fine blond hair and my daughter has 4b/c hair and we both really liked the way Slip feels in our hair.

My hair is wavy and gets easily tangled. If I wash it and don't mess with it too much the curls pop out ad I can wear my hair curly. If I have to do a bunch on detangling to my hair the curls end up getting smooshed down and my hair ends up looking frizzy and I end up having to straighten it. When I was my hair and apply the Slip de-tangler I can easily finger comb my hair, it easily de-tangles my hair and makes it feel really soft. My hair does not looks greasy nor is it weighed down. My blond hair which tends to be oily looks greasy so fast I really need to be careful what I use so I was really happy that this product did not make it look oily at all, it was completely invisible but felt really great!

J's type 4b/c hair tends to be dry and gets very tangled. This light conditioning de-tangler really helped me to de-tangle J's hair and added softness to her hair as well. This is a really good de-tangler and unlike many other's I have used, it does not take a lot of product to work!!