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How many of you would like to get the "Frizz Off!"? Yeah, I am right there with you! Frizz is a constant struggle for me, and it seems like sometimes, I don't have a bad hair day-I have a bad hair week!Curly Hair Solutions sent me one of their kits for review, the Loose Curl Starter Kit. Don't let the name fool you; even if you just have hair that waves, you can benefit from these products. They are not designed just for girls with Shirley Temple curls! That's why they have 3 different kits for 3 different types of curls-you can choose which will work best for your hair, and enjoy great hair immediately.

The Loose Curl Starter Kit comes with 5 styling and care products in a zippered travel pouch. My favorite is, without a doubt, the Slip Detangler. This is an amazing spray that conditions and detangles at the same time. I usually apply this right after my morning shower, and just a few spritzes into my wet hair works wonders. I love that it is silicone free, so it is just what my hair needs. A couple sprays and a comb literally slip-s through my hair. Of course, the Curl Keeper was a close second in my list of favorites. This is not really a gel, not really a lotion or cream. I use this while my hair is still pretty wet, bend over and rake it through. A comb will distribute the solution more evenly so each hair gets the benefit. This is perfect for fighting frizz, and adding a nice definition to your curls. Not crunchy or wet, it just gives a nice style that looks natural.

Coming in 3rd place, is the Gel. Simply because this is probably the only gel I have ever used that didn't end up making my hair worse once it dried! Seriously, I had totally stopped even trying gels, because no matter how nice they seemed while my hair was damp, once dry it was a huge frizzy, crunchy mess. Not with Curly Hair Solutions Gel though! And it only takes a small amount to get great results; hold, definition, and no frizz! The Treatment Shampoo and ReMane Straight also work great. Personally I don't ever use a straightening product, so I gave this to C and she really liked it. The shampoo has a wonderful mint fragrance, and really rejuvenates your scalp!