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So I recently joined the Birchbloggers network as I love the subscription so much and I have a blog. Very excitedly I won my first Birchbloggers contest which was for bloggers with curly hair. Those selected received two Curl Keeper products for FREE! to try out and review on our blogs. I am not always a fan of my curly hair but I have gotten to the point where I am tired of straightening it so I was very excited to try out these products in hopes that they would encourage me to wear my hair curly more often.

The products I got to try are Curl Keeper Original and Curl Keeper Gel. Both products are made to help tame the frizz that inevitably comes when your hair dries and to help maintain your curls without making them crunchy. The second part is most important to me because really, who likes crunchy curls?! One of the main reasons I started wearing my hair mostly straightened is because every product I tried made my curls crunchy then you have to rewash and style everyday because second day crunchy curls are just not cute at all.

So after eagerly opening my box from Birchbox I hopped in the shower to wash my hair so I could give Curl Keeper a try!

After a wash and deep condition (I use Paul Mitchell Special Tea Tree Shampoo and Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist) I lightly towel dried my hair then used a quarter sized drop of Curl Keeper Original followed by a quarter sized drop of Curl Keeper Gel.

After applying the Curl Keeper Products I set my hair with flexi rods (I use the gray and blue sizes) and let it dry overnight.

When I removed my flexi rods the next morning I was very pleased with the outcome, well that is sort of an understatement....I was amazed at the outcome and overjoyed with my non-crunchy curls! I was thrilled to the point that I even caught myself laughing in the bathroom as I removed rod after rod and my curls were cooperating AND soft to the touch. No crunch, no weird stickiness, it was amazing.

I separated out some of the curls by hand to try to make my hair a little fuller (I have pretty thin hair so this is always a problem) and went to work feeling great about my curls. I got tons of compliments from my co-workers and told them all about curl keeper and how excited I was that I finally found a product that works well for my curly hair.

I highly recommend Curl Keeper products to all my curly haired readers, give it a try and see how it works for you. It is very responsive to flexi rods, if you use them, and you do not have to apply every day. It only takes a little water the second day to activate the product. I even like my second day curls now!