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Living a Goddess Life
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Anyone with curly hair can tell you that frizz absolutely kills it. Frizz causes a puffbull where ringlets ought to be.

Frizziness is caused by dry hair, and curls tend to be dryer than other types of hair, by default. Add to that humidity, air pollution, the shampoo/conditioner/products you use that can be even MORE drying....and you have frizz.

Most frizz-combatting products are silicon-based, so they coat the hair to keep flyaways down. Of course, that also weighs the hair down and pulls out the curl. Gah! I was very pleasantly surprised, then, when I tried Curl Keeper from Curly Hair Solutions.It's a water-based anti-frizz styling product...that actually works without killing my curls.

Because it's water-based, it rinses out easily, an be re-activated by scrunching with wet hands, and doesn't faint in the face of humidity.

The Pros:

It works. Very well. And the next day, after sleeping on it and all, it was STILL curly and well-defined. So this is officially my favorite curly-hair product ever! It's only $17 or so for 8 oz...even using a healthy dollop and applying each day, that's gonna last over a month. That makes it cheaper than any other product I've found and used for combatting frizz. I technically have "loose curls", the most wimpy type of curl. So if it works for my hair, it also works for medium curls and tight curls.

The Cons:

When my bottle arrived, 1/5 of it had leaked/spilled, coating the interior of the shipping material, the bottle, etc. Ick. Good thing it rinsed off easily! My other beef with this product is that the instructions are vague. It says to comb through wet hair from roots to tips (I finger-combed, because combing wet hair can exacerbate breakage, and make frizz worse, as well as pulling out curl). It doesn't say how much to use- saturate the hair? use a dime-size amount? pea-sized? I decided to go for broke and used a healthy dollop. It also says to let hair dry without touching, but to hang your head over to add bounce (taking the weight off the roots, or allowing it to dry upside-down, with any product, helps add volume). But does that mean I can blow-dry it (with a diffuser)? Cuz I'm not air-drying with my head hanging upside down, for 5 hours.

Overall, I definitely think it's worth the investment, as it clearly works beautifully.