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Marys Cup of Teat
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I have a new kind of hairspray that will amaze you called Tweek because it's a hairspray in the form of a cream! Yes, you read that right, it's a cream but it's also a hairspray! Hard to believe, huh?

Main Benefits:

Ultimate hold with no sticky, greasy or oily feeling and no product build up

Does not leave curls crispy or hard

Brightens up hair colour and rebuilds broken hairstyles

Stops fly away hair and static

Great hair days can last so long that day 2,3 or 4 can look as fresh as day Curly Hair

I was very surprised at how well this worked because to be honest, I wasn't too sure about this product, but decided to keep an open mind and see what happened. I don't know about you guys, but I really don't like that stiff feeling you get from traditional hair sprays so I have actually avoided them for a very long time. The only time I get hair spray is when the hair salon fixes my hair and I want it to stay that way until at least my husband sees it.

This product is made by Curly Hair Solutions and it's the first hairspray in a cream for curly hair. It's a great way to fine tune your curly hairstyle and can be used on any curl types. Using Tweek™ will allow you to bring back the bounce to curly hair.

I have naturally curly hair and sometimes it's great and other times I want it straight but for the most part, I like it this way. The problem is, if I don't put something on it, it gets kind of flat and mostly frizzy on these humid days here in Georgia. So, Tweek helps keep my hair in place without looking like a stiff fake hair. I can't stand to have that kind of hair!

I really liked the idea of using on dry hair. I have noticed that products that I put on before I dry my hair don't seem to work as well. I might as well have not put anything on! Because I always end up using some type of Frizz Control Oil or Cream when it's dry to help get the dry ends or frizzies to not look so bad.

nd one last thing that I did not know. I didn't think it mattered what kind of curls you have as far as the types of products that you use, but I was wrong. Curly Hair Solutions has a Choose Your Curl Category that you can examine to determine which kind of curls you have so that you get the right products. I would recommend going there and finding out what kind of curly hair you have so that you are getting the special products that you need that are tailored for your unique curly hair. I learned that mine are what is termed "fine loose curls" and that is a good thing to know!