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Natural Hair Rules
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I don’t know about you. But I LOVE to try new products. I got to try Curl Keeper Styling Cream before it was in stores. Luckily, for you, its now available. I will be giving Curl Keeper Styling Cream away soon!!! Get on the list for details on how you could win. Sign-up here How I used this product? Wash and Go 4a/4b Natural Hair Trying a new curl defining product for the first time. (It’s not even in stores yet.) And of course the front on my hair doesn’t want to act right… #curlkeeper #curlyhairsolutions #frizzoff @curlyhairsolutions #CHS #Frizzoff Since this is a Styling Cream, I wanted to see how well it would define my curl in a wash and go. I always check how well it coats the hair, if there’s any slip while applying, am I left with soft, flexible curls, does it leave any residue. I shared my first encounter with the product on Instagram (see pic on the left). I applied Curl Keeper Styling Cream to freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. In medium to big sections, I finger combed or shingled the product into my hair. Some sections of my hair refuse to be defined with my fingers, so I used a Denman Brush for those stubborn sections. Curl Keeper Styling Cream was light with slip. It was easy to apply. It did define my curls. But I noticed it works best on wet hair, like sloppying, dripping wet hair. It dried fairly quickly without residue. I don’t usually let my wash and go’s air dry. (It’s just too much bulk and shrinkage for me. I prefer to dry using a blow dryer with diffuser attachment.) I pineappled my hair at night with a satin scarf. What about Day 2 Hair or Day 3 Hair? I did have good day 2 hair. It was still soft and define. It did need a little refreshing with a hair streamer. But this product still wore well. Day 3 hair felt the same as day 2 but there was a little frizz. So I just decided to pull my hair up into a curly puff. Still soft and defined curls. Because I liked the results of my wash and go, I decided to do a Twist Out. The results were beautiful. Very soft, flexible hold, but with the twist out it lasted a little longer than 2-3 days. Still no residue! Again after a few days I pulled my hair up into a curly puff. My apologizes.. I’m 39 weeks pregnant so I didn’t get any pics of the wash and go (I couldn’t get the right angle) or the twist out. But below is a picture of the curly puff. Again I used steam to refresh the curls and keep it moisturized. I like this Curl Keeper Styling Cream but I’m not sure how well it will define tightly coiled hair. Find out more about Curl Keeper Styling Cream and Don’t forget to sign up for my Weekly Newsletter for details on how you can win Curl Keeper Styling Cream here.