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I recently had the chance to review a bottle of Tweek and a sample of Curl Keeper. If you follow my reviews, you might remember I straightened my hair awhile back. I have always had natural curly hair and wanted something different. The next day, I got approved to review these products.

I saw that Tweek could be used on straight or curly hair so I started using it on my super fine straight hair. The hair has to be dry when you apply it and a little goes a long way.

It feels like a lotion and dries fast. If you use too much, it will feel hard. It smells great! After I decided to try and go back to curly hair, I started using the Curl Keeper when I knew it was going to be humid. It should be applied to wet hair. My curls came back to life even after being straightened! My hair is soft and manageable without any frizz.

The pic above is my hair with Tweek applied to dry hair that had Curl Keeper applied on it while wet. Personally, the Tweek only added more body to my curls because my hair is so fine. I think if I had more defined curls it would work much better on my hair. Your hair will not move with Tweek. The curls stay hard and crunchy if you use a lot. I love how well it works on my hair when I wear it straight and I absolutely adore the Curl Keeper. Overall, I would recommend Curly Hair Solutions products to anyone who wants to define their curls.