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Stay At Home Mom
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I learned to embrace my curls a long time ago. When I was younger, I used to get perms. Even though my hair was already naturally curly, so I didn't really need a perm. And when I did get one it would stay in my hair forever. Well anyway, if I try to do my hair another way, the curls just come out. So now I just go with it and I like it.

Sometimes though it can get frizzy. So that I don't like as much. I have been trying the Curl Keeper for approximately a week now and I really like it.

It is a clear liquid, and has a slight perfume scent. But very slight and not overpowering at all. It is sort of like a liquid gel. At first I thought it would be sticky but it goes on my hair smoothly and dries without any stickiness.

I have been blow drying my hair a little - just so it isn't soaking wet. Then applying a squirting of the Curl Keeper into my hair. Then letting it dry from there. It has really revitalized my curls - taken away the frizziness and actually left my hair softer then it was before!