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My 9 year old daughter has a head full of gorgeous – red – thick – curly hair. She does not know just how fortunate she is! I cannot tell you how many perms and body waves I have paid for in my lifetime, but I will tell you this – they were so damaging to my hair and it took many, many years to grow all of the damage out. I will never put my hair through one of those again. You see, unlike my daughter, I have straight hair. Boring straight hair. I love big hair and if I could have stayed back in the 80’s with all the big hair I would have! I wish I was blessed to have her curls, but since I don’t I am stuck curling and rolling my hair every day.

I have probably spent a small fortune on detanglers, curl creams and many more products to manage her hair, but I never could find the perfect solution.That was until I discovered Curl Keeper from Curly Hair Solutions! This product is so amazing and I will be singing its praises for a long, long time! Curl Keeper allows you to be in total control of gorgeous curls, free from the frizzies! Check out some of these benefits of Curl Keeper:

Controls all frizz, reactivates with water allowing for several days of great styling 100% effective in humid weather conditions, especially humidity Water-based and contains no silicones No product build up and rinses out clean

We simply work the Curl Keeper throughout her hair while wet and she will either blow dry her hair or let it dry on its own, whichever works out better with her schedule. Either way, her curls are far more defined than before and even in humidity her curls remain frizz-free.

I love that we can simply wet her hair and work her curls when we do not have time to wash it and the formula re-activates itself! This really comes in handy on nights when she has dance practice or some other event after school. One of the greatest things I love about Curl Keeper is that it contains a water-based formula so we don’t have to worry about product build up like we would have with other products.

I would highly recommend Curl Keeper from Curly Hair Solutions to anyone with curly hair. It is a very lightweight formula that will define curls for several days when washing daily is not an option. It is easily re-activated for quick fixes as well. You can learn more about Curl Keeper and purchase by visiting their website.

Having curly hair is not exactly easy to manage, but with the right tools and products it can be nothing short of fabulous! She is very tender headed which makes it difficult sometimes to style and work with, but I guess that’s why they say beauty is pain! When it rains, her hair will turn frizzy. I always have to keep extra conditioner on hand because that is one product we cannot run out of.