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Style Domination
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Meet Erika. Erika, a vegan and healthy living enthusiast, just happens to be one of my beautiful sisters. A complete free spirit and consummate middle child (easy-going, peace-making, totally open-minded and a great listener), decided to go “natural” about three years ago. By “natural”, I mean she quit hair relaxers for good.

Sick of the maintenance that comes with relaxers such as the somewhat painful process, dry scalp that relaxing causes and breakage, she thought it was high time to quit fighting her hair and embrace its natural texture. To her surprise, her natural hair was uber curly and fabulous and she promises to never look back.

While Erika has found a hair care regimen that really works for her, I thought I would introduce her to Curl Keeper, a fantastic line of water-based products which completely eliminates frizz, the curlista’s dreaded nemesis.

I attended the launch of Curl Keeper at Trade Secrets and learned a lot from their product knowledge session. Jonathan Torch, Curl Keeper’s “Master of The Curl” explained to us that controlling curly hair should be stress-free. He discovered that the pH balance of curly hair was key to controlling frizz and believes that beautiful, defined curls should have a pH of 4.5-5.5. All Curl Keeper products are acid-balanced to maintain the pH of healthy hair, resulting in great shine and manageability. Curl Keeper, as mentioned, is totally water-based which greatly reduces product build-up. In addition, when using Curl Keeper, your curly style will last for days as the formual reactivates with water. Best of all, its fantastic for combatting frizz in humid weather conditions. Simply re-wet your hair with water in between shampoos to re-activate your curls. YASSSSSS, honey!!

Here is a video of how we used Curl Keeper in her hair to produce gorgeous, defined curls - watch here.