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The More The Merrier
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I have fine hair. Oh, it’s thick, but it’s fine. Fine hair means tangles. You know the kind. Right at the base of your head where it attaches to your neck, that’s where they hide. If you are just running a brush over the top of it you don’t notice them, but if you take your brush and run it up under your hair and pull – you’ll find them alright. Well, I used to find them that way. Now that I use Slip Detangler, they are non-existent. Now my brush slides right through my hair.

Slip is a fantastic product, that sprays in. It locks in color – for those of you with color treated hair, but it wont make your curls greasy, or oily. It washes right out, so it doesn’t leave you with build up. Now, I know my hair is so long, the weight of it pulls a lot of the curls out. That’s why Slip is so great – it doesn’t weight them down even more, but it does take the tangle out.

The thing I love the most about Slip is that it takes away the frizzies. We have a lot of humidity here in the Houston area, which usually means my hair is going to *POOF* like a huge lions mane. I don’t get that when I use Slip. My hair stays manageable. OH! No flyaways either!

Slip is also safe for use on kids. One of my granddaughters has really fine hair, and her tangles get so bad, she won’t let her mother brush her hair. We tried Slip in her hair as well, and now she’s happy to let her mom brush through her hair in the mornings. So, now I’m off to purchase another bottle to give to her!