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The Traveling Sisterhood
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There are certain things I love blogging about. Sometimes there's just a product that I really, really love and I can't wait a minute more to tell you all about it! And, I have to admit, I love playing with my hair. As a child, my hair was straight as a board. For years I'd draw pictures of myself with long curly hair and then all of a sudden POOF! Puberty hit, my hair became curly, and I had no idea what to do with that ball of frizz on the top of my head. You should see my 7th grade pictures... er, no you shouldn't.

Well, those days are way behind me. I discovered hair gel and AquaNet in High School and have discovered much better products since then! I've been using Curly Hair Solutions for a few months now and, though the race is close and I've tried many hair products, this works best. The Rev Up! Volumizing System comes as a set with both shampoo and this incredibly amazing Volumist spray.

Today I woke up with a terrible hair day, which was a bigger disappointment than usual since we have out of town family visiting. Pretty hair is, of course, not everything but women do want to look nice (it's in us) especially when we're going to be spending the day with family we never see. So I woke up, looked in the mirror, and yikes! My hair was frizzy but limp--worst combination possible. I grabbed my bottle of Curl Keeper and my new RevUp! Volumist with a sliver of hope that my hair might not turn out too bad. And, ah! Did I say I love this stuff?! My hair was so pretty today! Every time I use RevUp! (or anything by Curly Hair Solutions, actually) I get compliments on my "beautiful hair". I'm so glad there's a product out there that can tame my frizzy locks, leave them soft, and give them bounce and volume, something I've struggled with maintaining as my hair's gotten longer. I couldn't recommend a better hair product! I'm feeling super blessed that I was able to try out the new Rev Up! Volumizing System and that I get to offer it to some of you in a.....GIVEAWAY!

Enter to win by Dec. 23rd at midnight when I'll choose 3 winners who will receive the Rev Up! Volumizing System. In the meantime, they're offering free shipping on $25 and up purchases as well as some great specials!