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RevUp! Volumist

Body Building Support
pH 5.0-6.0

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Recommended Curl Type:

  • Loose Curl
  • Medium Curl
  • Tight Curl
  • Kinky Curl
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    RevUp! Volumist will duplicate the same invigorating conditions that the ocean air has on hair. Ocean air creates bounce and volume to curly hair by deepening the "S" formation of each curl. RevUp! Volumist is packed full of curl building energizers that will attract moisture in the air that is essential for creating extra bounce to curly hair. You will be astounded at the power of RevUp! = CURL ENERGY!

    Directions: Spray RevUp! Volumist liberally on dry or wet hair and then scrunch or squeeze your curls back to life. Allow your hair to dry on its own or with a diffuser and watch the volume appear. There is no wrong way to use RevUp! Volumist. Shake well before use.


    Ingredients: What's in it for you? Click here to find out

Videos & Tips
    • Spray on wet or dry hair
    • Flip head over and spray 3-4 times; Spray more depending on desired volume


    • Moisture balances curly hair from roots to ends
    • Light weight, never greasy so you can use a generous amount without leaving a heavy build up on the hair
    • Water-based and contains no silicones
    • Maintains shine and locks in hair colour
    • Instantly detangles
    • Contributes to the success of chemical perming and relaxing of the hair

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    1. Great Product! Review by Tina

      I have recently started using this product and can't believe the change that I saw to my hair. It is much easier to curl my bangs and the curls look great not to mention the volume. And the curls last for days. Thank you Rev up!

    2. Great Volume...but crunchy texture? Review by Whitney

      This product definitely added volume to my hair, which was great. But it made it feel dry and crunchy...very straw like. I used it on my dry hair, so I'm hoping it doesn't create the texture when I use it on wet hair. Did anyone else have this result?

    3. VA VA VOOM! Review by Adam

      I was hesitant to buy this as it was new and didn't have many reviews at the time. I am glad I bought great on wet or dry hair. Takes the volume of your hair to another level! Will be buying again and using it with Curl Keeper.
      Thanks :)

    4. A must have. Review by Patti

      I don't know how it does it, but when I use Rev Up mist my curls have more 'structure' and form perfectly - and they last for days! This and Curl Keeper are the curlygirl staples in my cupboard.

    5. Great Volume Review by STEPHANIE

      Received a sample size of this product when I ordered a set of the Roller Jaw Clamps and feel in love with the product. The volume I got was perfect. Way better then the drug store product I was using.

    6. Fresh and Fabulous Review by Lisa

      I love to use this product in my fine stringy hair before I blow dry straight! I then straighten it and it still has lots of volume. This product stops my hair from becoming stringy looking. Style looks fresh all day!

    7. Great volume Review by Diana

      The trick with this product is to make sure you use Curl Keeper with it on wet hair. I tried a number of ways, and though it works very well on dry hair, I personally prefer to mist it while my hair is wet and Curl Keeper is already in it and then I diffuse it with my head flipped forward.

      Amaaaaaazing results! The humidity this summer just made my hair look fabulous!

    7 Result(s)

    per page

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