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Root Brush

Controls Direction Of Hair Growth

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Recommended Curl Type:

  • Loose Curl
  • Medium Curl
  • Tight Curl
  • Kinky Curl
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    The Root Brush will allow for easy styling as it is an amazing tool to support hairstyles. Most hairstyles are manipulated by the direction of the hair growth. Hair growth patterns are always different – just like fingerprints – they are unique to each individual. Sometimes odd hair growth can result in cowlicks, double crowns, and flat spots. The most frustrating of all is when hair falls forward in your face. The root brush is an effective tool to redirect the way your hair grows allowing your style to fall in to place. Styling will be easy as the nylon bristles are flexible to prevent snags. Repetitive brushing from the root area upwards will immediately redirect the hair growth. The tail makes it easy to create workable sections and gives you full control.

    (No returns on The Root Brush)

Videos & Tips
    • Start at the base by the root area and gently lift away
    • Only to be used on detangled hair
    • The tip of the brush is rounded so it is gentle on the scalp to allow you to section groups of hair


    • Strong flexible nylon bristles that prevents snags
    • Gentle on the scalp
    • Creates volume and lift at the root area
    • Redirect hair growth to eliminate flat spots
    • Great to help distribute product evenly from roots to ends

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    1. Exactly what we "CURLIES" need Review by Cheryl Ann

      I have 2 of these for quite a while. They are made that well. My hair has the issue of all is well and perfect EXCEPT for that one section... Ugghhhhhh... It would continuously fall forward whether bending over or sitting watching TV. After I found this brush, it was a game changer. It truly helps redirect how your hair lays. I love this brush!

    2. Good tool to have Review by Heather

      I like to use it when diffusing; it helps lift & shape the curls.

    3. Love it! Review by Annette

      I loved this brush so much I purchased another one just to keep in my travel bag. I seem to get a part going down the back of my head near the crown. When I use the root brush to coax my hair in the opposite direction of the part, my curls make it disappear.

    4. Review by Q

      This is the best brush I've ever owned. I have to be honest, even if I have my hair products (Extenzz, Curl Keeper) without this brush... I have nothing. It gets the product evenly throughout my hair. It helps the moisture evenly distribute and makes it easy to de-tangle and manipulate my curls once the products are on my hair.

      Without this brush... getting my hair exactly the way I want it- is impossible.

    4 Result(s)

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