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Runway Curls

May 09 Runway Curls

This year, at the Allied Beauty Association (ABA) show in Toronto, it was very clear that beauty manufacturers and industry leaders are heading towards change. We saw the latest and greatest beauty products and secrets that will pave the way for upcoming trends. Of course we saw lots of hair extensions and hair colour, but these straight up and down looks have fallen back and in the fore front there is texture - messy is sexy. Straight hair looks are becoming desperate for texture, even curling irons have become popular to break away from straight structured styles.

Moving towards the summer we will be seeing people embracing their curls and introducing new textured styles. The styling ease that someone has the first time will determine their loyalty to styling their hair curly. Curly hair is all about relying on product to do its job. Be confident and know you will have great style when your hair is finally dry. Be patient during all of the drying stages, which are not the most attractive. Do not try and create volume until you have controlled the frizz, volume comes near the end of styling if needed. Do not judge your style until it is completely finished. Curl Keeper is very effective and performs better in high humidity.

After speaking to hundreds of hair dressers at the ABA show, we know there is tons of excitement about embracing this movement towards texture and curl. Naturally curly hair is now the core of what is setting trends as it is seen as mainstream. Make sure you know how to bring out the best style without frizz and total control – check out our “How To” styling Video.

Tip: For loose wavy curl, pump up the volume by adding Gel to wet curls while squishing to get volume. This will give you soft frizz free curls that last all day.