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Step-By-Step Skip Curl Styling Technique

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The SKIP CURL Technique, created by Jonathan Torch, provides ringlet style definition. This technique was created as a grouping system to help reshape and control the natural formation of the curls. Grouping sections of the hair, small or large and using Curl Keeper®, a water-based styling product, will help separate the curls and control the frizz.

1. Begin with wet, clean detangled hair. Spray on Slip™ Detangler to remove all knots, tangles and loose hairs. It is important to detangle the hair before applying any styling product, to ensure that the product will work effectively. While your hair is wet you have control to manipulate the curl the way you want.

2. Take a section of hair, the amount depends on the type of curl you want to achieve. For a loose curl group larger sections, and for a tight curl group smaller sections of hair. To easily group sections use the end of the Root Brush to gather the hair. Apply a generous amount of Curl Keeper® to each section and combing it through using the Root Brush to distribute evenly from roots to ends.

3. Starting at the root, twist the section around your finger.

4. Slide your finger down the hair shaft but stopping and holding at the end.

5. Bend it and SKIP the hair like you would with a skipping rope, in the same direction as the twist – Voila – the ringlet is formed!

To finish off your look take a look at Jonathan Torch’s Collection of Curly Hair Styles for Fall/Winter. Each hairstyle will help you create looks for every occasion including weekend/playful, corporate professional, elegance, messy-sexy, cultural and angelic.

View the 'How To' Styling Video for a demonstration on the SKIP CURL technique.