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Slip Stubborn Tangles

This is the time of year when curly heads notice extra tangles at the back of their head where their hair meets the collar of a jacket. The collars on winter jackets constantly rub against the hair which inevitably causes knots and tangles. These are the most stubborn and painful, but important tangles to remove to prevent matting. To remove and instantly detangle these knots use Slip™ Detangler , which will shut down the open hair cuticles 20 to 30 seconds after being applied to wet hair. When you are detangling, try to be relaxed and give each knot time to untangle. After shampooing, spray Slip generously and comb slowly through your hair, working from the ends towards the roots. Using Slip will lock in your hair colour and keep your shine vibrant and long-lasting.

Slip™ Detangler will become the favourite products for kids as we all remember those agonizing times when our parents tried to get rid of those annoying and painful knots and tangles.

Make sure you always have the right tools for the job. The Bone Comb has both large and small teeth and is amazing for detangling. Start by using the large teeth for the worst knots and tangles and comb through slowly to eliminate tangles. Then use the small teeth on the comb to achieve a tangle-free head of curly hair. When looked after properly, a Bone Comb can last a hairstylist for their entire career.