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This time of year not only brings seasonal change, but also changes to our skin, our body, and our hair. Moisture balance has changed in the atmosphere, which creates the need to adjust our regimen for curly hair care.

The two-time winning "Best of the Best Product" Curl Keeper is extremely effective to control every scenario of frizz that it is recognized as a Holy Grail product for all curl types. This makes styling much easier, but learning which curly type you are and what other products will work on your hair is the key to style success - especially in the changing seasons.

To create your best hairstyle, it is very important to customize how you care for your hair. Fine hair will require more hold than thick, tightly-coiled hair. Our "Curl Category" kits have been customized to provide the right treatments and styling products for each curl category, which ensures proper care and styling products. Study our Curl Category page and take a look at our Hair Gallery. Both pages will help you determine which category you would fit into based on your hair type.

No two curls are the same so it’s important to keep in mind that what might work for someone else might not work for you. Practice makes perfect and there are many ways to use Curly Hair Solutions products so that it will work for your curl type. You will be successful as long as you have the proper amount of product to water ratio in your hair during application. It is vital that your hair is wet and not towel dried before adding in product as the water helps to evenly distribute the product from roots to ends! There is no such thing as using “too much” Curl Keeper.

Not sure which Curl Category suites you? Email us at with a picture of your hair and the Curly Hair Solutions team will evaluate the photo and place you in a Curl Category.