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Summer Air Causes Changes to Hair

Whether you have tight, medium or loose curls, whatever category you are in, every curl scenario is vulnerable to frizz in the heat and humidity of these summer months. The one thing they all have in common is that Curl Keeper™ will control frizz in any weather condition. Managing your curls during the hot summer months depends on your technique and the amount of Curl Keeper™ that you use. Pure Silk Protein has been proven to be the right product necessary to replenish the precious moisture and protein that is essential for summer hair care.

Summer weather will alter your curls to such an extent that it will change your curl category from loose to medium, medium to tight or even loose to tight. Moisture in the air gets absorbed by curly hair and deepens the “S” formation resulting in a tighter bouncier curl.

Our Curl Category section is designed so that you can relate to a similar hairstyle and see what products are right for you, even if your hair has gone through a category change. Different categories require different products and techniques to achieve perfect frizz free curls.Visit our Curl Category section to find out more about your curl category.