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Summer Care for Summer Hair

We received the following question not too long ago and we know that others have similar concerns about their hair during the hot summer months that lie ahead:

“I had a bad haircut five years ago and I am still too terrified to change my hairstyle.”

Don’t despair -- we can give you many ideas and tips on what to do before getting a haircut or hairstyle change. Before you decide on a new cut or style master the art of controlling your curls and frizz. Once you learn how to create perfect curls to the best of your ability, the process of choosing the right style will be much easier. You will be able to identify the problem areas such as excess bulk, weak and broken dwindling hair ends, making it possible to choose the length that you will be comfortable with. Because all curls are different you should be the one to control your look and get the style you are after. Do not go to a salon with your hair in a pony tail - have your curls looking their best. This will give a stylist a good starting point to work with and show them what you are capable of achieving by yourself.

This summer have fun playing with new hairstyles, but keep your hair long enough so that you can wear it up on the hot, humid days. You can stay cool with the right hairstyle. Wearing the funky hair bands that are now in fashion will make your summer curls look fun and sexy. Be sure to protect your hair from the sun and heat by overloading with silk protein. You will find a high concentration of silk protein in our Silk Shampoo , Treatment Shampoo and Pure Silk Protein . Silk amino acids never build up, as silk protein has a tiny molecule that safely penetrates deep into the hair strand helping colour stay brighter for a longer period of time. We are introducing the Silky Summer Special that will allow you to quench your thirsty curly hair with a generous amount of silk protein.