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Summer Prepping

When you think of gold colour, do not think brassy. Gold as a colour tone is the most important pigment to emphasize for successful colouring of grey hair. It also creates brightness to your hair, especially dark tones that can build up and look flat on dry ends. By adding gold pigment to almost all formulas you can brighten up your colour tone for a fresher, shinier version of the tone you already have.

Keeping your colour vibrant is one of the biggest reasons for the development of Slip™ Detangler . By using Slip on colour treated hair, you can shut down the hair cuticle and lock in colour pigment deep within the hair shaft. Slip also works as the perfect detangler for curly hair and is our top selling product for kids. With the spring now in full swing, try our Colour Treated Hair Kit. It provides the right products for all ages to not only care for your hair colour but also to manage your curls for easy summer care.

It takes 20 seconds to close those hair cuticles. Kids can have tearless detangling time without having any buildup in their hair. Make sure your child goes to camp this year with Slip™ Detangler . It will be the most important grooming accessory that works so quickly and effectively.

Slip Detangler works immediately after applying it to the hair. A leave-in detangling conditioner, Slip closes the hair cuticle without adding oils, so there is no film, build-up or weight added to the hair, even with generous applications.