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Swimming Curls

The month of August can be very hot hazy and humid and everyone is looking for ways to cool down. You want to feel the breeze by getting your hair off of your neck and away from your face. Especially with long curly hair you should learn how to turn plan B in to plan A with ponytails and upsweeps that will provide instant relief from sticky and hazy days and nights.

Swimming is a great way to stay cool this time of year and also provides a great source of exercise for the body. There are some negative attributes to swimming though, mostly what it does to your curly hair. Chlorine and chemicals dissolve proteins in the hair. If ever there was a time to drown your hair in the proper proteins, this is it. After swimming the best way to remove chemicals from your hair, skin and bathing suit is to simply stand under a shower and allow fresh water to dilute and remove the chlorine.

Treatments you put on your hair prior to swimming will not stand a chance against chlorine and other chemicals in the water and will get washed off in a second. Rinsing and then applying the proper products will repair chlorine damage. Your hair is much tougher to manage when dealing with chemicals from a pool and shampooing will only contribute to the stripping action of the chlorine. Make sure to rinse your hair very well to assure proper chlorine removal. It is so important to replenish the protein in your hair after a swim to maintain a soft and healthy look. Use our Pure Silk Protein to do just that as well as our Slip Detangler that will seal the hair cuticle shut. Using these products will ensure protection for your hair from the hot Summer heat and chemicals from the swimming pool. Have a safe August and remember to always wear sunscreen