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"Everyone with curly hair will love their curls more when they learn frizz control"




Humidity is a part of our atmosphere and is essential of all forms of life on our precious and delicate planet. Moisture balance plays a huge part in our lives, especially for people with curly hair. The lack of, or excess of humidity determines whether you have an easy styling experience, or a crazy, scary styling time. Curly hair is very porous and has a greater ability to absorb and retain moisture within the air (humidity). You can literally watch curly hair expand the minute it is exposed to humid weather conditions. Humidity causes curls to expand and shrink. Some looser curly heads embrace this humidity, which allows moisture in the air to define the S-formation of a curl. . Some curlies hate humidity and try avoiding it like the plague

Examining curly hair up close is fascinating, as curly hair cuticles are normally in an open position. Hair cuticles look like roof tiles stacked on top of one another. Curly hair scales have wider gaps between each other, which allows humidity and moisture to absorb and penetrate more easily.

The cuticle layers point toward the end of the hair shaft. They cannot be seen by the naked eye but they can be felt. If you slide your fingers along a hair from the end towards the scalp, the hair will feel sticky or rough—you are sliding your fingers against the open cuticle.


A common sense cure for all frizz – Curl Keeper® Original
We all know that oil and water don’t mix, so if you are using products that have ingredients such as silicones and oils to control frizz in humid weather, you are sure to lose the battle. Understanding how water reactivates Curl Keeper® Original assures frizz free styling even during the hottest, most humid weather. The more humid the weather is, the more you will appreciate Curl Keeper® Original.