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texture at american beauty show

Over the years the hair industry has slowly started to embrace curly hair. With the influence of chemical straightening and flatirons, the straight hair trend suited the industry and hairdressers kept busy blow drying and flat ironing curly hair straight. Curly hair continues to become more popular as time goes on with more exposure on runways, fashion magazines, celebrities and everyday people walking down the street.

Finally a few years ago the first “texture” panel was assembled at an industry trade show that addressed curly hair and brought together the top curly hair experts in the industry. Curly Hair Solutions™ was a part of that panel which showcased the pioneers of curly hair at the time. This panel was a very small detail to an extremely large industry trade show that, as usual, has always focused on straightening and flattening curly hair.

This year curly hair has at last made it on to the floor and on the main stage at the very same industry trade show with huge coverage from hairdressers, media and celebrities. From March 3rd – 5th Curly Hair Solutions is part of the Texture exhibit that has become a must-see segment within the hair industry. Jonathan Torch and the Curly Hair Solutions™ team will present on the main Texture stage at ABS in Chicago along with the top curl stylists from around the world to educate and teach our theories, techniques and of course, how to get the best results from our curly hair products .

Texture has become a trending term for curly hair which is suitable because of the different varieties that curly hair comes in. Anything from a slight wave to extremely kinky hair falls within the Texture category. We are excited to be a part of such a large and innovated endeavor and will keep our fans and members posted with post-event pictures and highlights.