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The Consultation

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A personal consultation builds confidence between our stylists and our clients, and is recognized as the most important step of our service.


We gather important information through a series of questions and answers. This helps us understand different personalities, lifestyles, and beauty goals. There must be a mutual understanding of the difference between body wave, curl, and the colour tones that you like or dislike. Not all "reds" are the same, and "blondes" don't have to be brassy.

The CUT is the heart of the design. No matter how great the perm or the colour, if the cut is not right, the design is not there. Face shape, hair type, growth patterns and many other factors must be considered.


The stylist must also recognize the client's ability to style her own hair. A proper drying lesson must be understood.


Stylists must never bully clients into radical changes, as the client should be mentally ready to take on a new look. No matter how great the style looks, if the client is not ready for a change, it will not be successful.


Our experience has shown us that some clients don't always know what they want, but they know what they don't want in a style. Pictures help bridge the gap as a great communication tool in a consultation.

When you find a great style for your hair type, you won't always be looking for change.

A great style does a lot more than change your look - it warms your soul.



Wear your hair as curly and as frizz free as you can. NEVER arrive with your hair in a ponytail. Show the stylist how well you can manage your hair.


Sometime book for a shampoo and blow-dry (curly style). There is no commitment involved and you will know immediately if the stylist has a passion for curly hair.