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The Cure for All Curls

During these hot humid summer days, every curl type reacts differently and requires different styling techniques and products. Some curl types, such as loose wavy curls, will embrace the humidity and allow you to achieve more defined curls. However, humid weather can cause tight curls to shrink and frizz up, making those curls very difficult to manage. No matter what category of curl you have Curl Keeper will eliminate and control all frizz and learning how to use the right amount of Silk Leave-In Conditioner for your curl type will make your curls feel softer than ever.

Most hair damage is caused by chemical processing, straightening or colouring. Using Silk Leave-In Conditioner will soften your hair without leaving it feeling sticky or greasy. Loose curly hair seems to be the most vulnerable to the weight of heavy conditioners. If you have medium and mostly tight curly hair you can use a generous amount of Silk Leave-In Conditioner to control those stubborn dry, wiry patches and sections that humidity loves to pick on.

So go ahead and embrace the rest of the summer without the worry of unwanted frizz. Get the cure for all curls -- the perfect prescription for your ailing summer curls.