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Tight Curl Kit

Effortless Styling for Even the Most Stubborn Curls

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  • Kinky Curl
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    The Tight Curl Starter Kit not only gives you the right amount of moisture for tight curls, it also provides the right products to give you ultimate style management with absolutely no frizz. It will control the shrinkage, condition and moisture of the hair leaving the curls feeling soft, with no heavy product buildup. Includes 3.4oz of Curl Keeper® Original, Leave-In Conditioner, Styling Cream and Curly Hair Solutions® Silk Shampoo.

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    • All products are travel sizes
    • Includes an attractive cosmetic bag
    • Allows you to try each product without committing to larger sizes
    • Allows you to cocktail your ultimate curl bundle

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    1. Interesting... Review by Makeda

      I tried this kit after hearing great things about Curly Hair Solutions. I have high porosity loose, medium and tight curly but I bought this one because most of my hair is medium to tight with very loose mixed in. I noticed that the products did define my curls/shrink them and cause them to shine some. I loved the conditioner; it made my hair feel almost silky. The shampoo made my hair a little drier than I was expecting. I shampooed twice. Maybe once was enough?

      I honestly am not quite sure how to use the styling products. The leave-in was ok but the texture was almost soapy reminding me of watered down sham poo; it seemed to make my hair soft but took a while to absorb. I still had a horrible problem with frizz even though I applied the Curl Keeper on wet hair and after a day or two I had the urge to add more Curl Keeper thinking my hair was frizzy because it was dry (it didn't feel dry). My hair did not seem to absorb the Curl Keeper after a few days; I would wet my hair to reactivate the product, and scrunch a little but my hands begin to feel very coated, slippery.

      Above all, I am willing to try again. I think I need more guidance how to use the products. I would like to elongate some of my curls and the Extenzz seemed to define mine more. Again it could be user error. I usually air dry my hair in braids since I do not know how to diffuse without preventing shrinkage. I live in VA and I wished more stylist/salons used this line and educated their customers. I am a leave-in gel kind of girl in the spring/summer and conditioner hair twisting butters in the winter/fall.

    2. Moisturizer Please! Review by Jennifer

      I'm African American and my hair is fine with tight curls and some frizz. I ordered this kit in hopes of eliminating the frizz but it did just the opposite.

      Using this kit as is does not work for me. I love the shampoo, protein treatment, and leave-in conditioner but there needs to be a moisturizer. The curl keeper made my hair hard, crunchy, and extremely frizzy once it dried. I think a moisturizer would have done the trick. I added Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (on dry hair) and did a 2-strand twist and that is spot on.

    2 Result(s)

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