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Total Sun Care For Your Curly Hair

The effect the sun has on curly hair directly impacts the delicate moisture balance in the hair. Moisturizing and hydrating are two ways of treating curly hair to resolve the damaged one by the harsh rays of the summer sun, which strip colour and remove needed moisture.

It is easy to moisturize hair using the proper conditioners and shampoos to help build and retain moisture to the hair. The biggest culprit when it comes to sun damage is hair dehydration. Think of it this way: We all need to drink water to hydrate our bodies. The sun absorbs and evaporates moisture and lightens both natural and chemically coloured hair. Treatments with water-soluble ingredients will keep the hair hydrated and combat sun damage.

Sunscreens do not protect hair the same way they protect skin. We can see this in everyday life as the skin darkens with exposure to sun but hair will lighten with the same sun exposure.

Pure Silk Protein has a high concentration of water soluble moisturizers. This will prevent the drying effect known as dehydration to the hair. Use Pure Silk Protein on wet or dry hair while exposed to direct sunlight. Use it as a sunscreen for your hair. The pH level of Pure Silk Protein is 3.5 – 4, which ensures the proper protection from the sun. It is a concentration of moisture, but not a heavy residue product, which rinses out easily at the end of the day.

Another huge benefit of Pure Silk Protein is that it will keep your colour from fading in the sun. Other heavy treatments might cause scalp irritation as greasy formulas can clog pores in the scalp. This will not occur with Pure Silk Protein, because the molecule weight size is so tiny that its benefits will easily penetrate deep into the hair shaft leaving your colour lasting longer.