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Treating Curly Hair

There many effective ways of correcting damaged hair. Once you recognize and understand the specific circumstances that need addressing, e.g. frizz, dryness, limp curls, breakage, severe chemical damage, humidity, wiry unruly hair and more, you can take steps to correct these conditions.

Styling becomes much easier, controllable, successful and predictable when you correct and maintain the proper condition of your hair.

Some curly hair dries in minutes while others sometimes take more than twelve hours to dry. The ability to absorb moisture should be in balance with the ability to retain precious moisture. It is not necessary to moisturize hair that takes forever to dry. There are easier ways of conditioning or detangling without drowning your hair. I have discovered ingredients that perform effectively without involving the use of silicones. Some ingredients in our products are so effective that you will instantly notice their benefits. Others may only perform after a couple of extra applications. Some products may only be necessary during the summer months and others are only needed during the winter. Indoor heating can play havoc on some curls.

Power of Protein

I found that the size of the protein molecule determines how effectively it will protect hair and repair damage within the hair shaft. The quality of the protein, therefore, determines how much moisture each protein molecule can retain and repair.

What's in it for you?

I appreciate the fact that some people care about and understand the ingredients in all of the products they use. Because hair is porous and has the ability to absorb, I have been creatively adjusting the delicate balance between strength and moisture in all my products.