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Universal Finger Diffuser

Perfect for Diffuser-Drying Long Hair

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Recommended Curl Type:

  • Loose Curl
  • Medium Curl
  • Tight Curl
  • Kinky Curl
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    Perfect for Diffuser-Drying Long Hair

    The Universal Curl Diffuser is the perfect tool for diffuse-drying long hair. Its industrial strength elastic and spring allow for a snug, secure fit on almost all hairdryers and is lightweight and easy to handle. These hair diffusers have a variety of finger prongs that carefully soften and separate curls during the drying process..

    Please note that hair diffusers have one main function which is to help speed up drying time while controlling the movement caused by hairdryers. We have chosen our curl diffuser carefully to make drying your hair easier and safer.

    (No returns on Best Hair Diffusers for Curly Hair)

    Using a curl diffuser provides several benefits for your hair. One has to do with preserving the shape and body of your curls. Other methods can cause them to loosen. That affects the shape in a way that you won’t like. By contrast, the right type of diffuser gently lifts curls so you can dry the area closer to the scalp and avoid causing the tightness or body of the curls to change.

    You will also find that using a diffuser makes it possible to use a lower heat setting while you dry your hair. Thanks to the way the finger prongs help to separate and lift your curls, every inch of the hair follicles will dry just as quickly. This helps to decrease the exposure of your hair to heat. If you are concerned about drying out the hair and increasing the odds of frizzing, checking intyo hair diffusers is definitely for you.

Videos & Tips
    • Start by scooping large amounts of curls into the bowl to each side with minimal movement for faster drying


    • Speeds up the drying of the curls without disturbing the ringlets
    • Fits most blow dryers that have a normal straight nose
    • Light weight and easy to clean

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    1. So lightweight. Review by Amanda

      The finger diffuser is one of the best diffusers I have ever used. I love how light weight it is. I find that it fits on most dryers with a perfect fit. If the fit on the dryer isn't perfect than it slides off as you dry your hair and usually falls to the floor. Mine has fallen quite a few times but has not cracked or broke.

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