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We're Bringing Colour Back

We know that the sun lightens your hair and darkens your skin. The colour tones in your hair that have been damaged by the sun can be easily restored to healthy, deeper and enriched shades by using the right products. In order to bring back the shine and health of your hair the colour chemicals need to be able to attach to proteins in the hair. Pure Silk Protein is the key to making the colour come back to life. Use our Pure Silk Protein one day before your colour application and add some directly into the colour formula, either at home or in the salon when having your colour done. Your colour will last longer, have more shine and stay moisturized for longer.

Tip: Leave Pure Silk Protein in your hair for up to 10 minutes before washing it out in the shower, or use more frequently to get maximum results.

Most moisturizing conditioners should be rinsed out thoroughly. However, Silk Leave-In Conditioner will leave your hair feeling soft and clean for longer. Slip™ Detangler also locks in hair colour with its effective low PH level. Both of these products will enhance the shine and feel of your freshly coloured curls.

Treatment Shampoo will not only clean your hair but also provide the strength that is essential to create bounce. Its gentle formula has the perfect PH level that never strips your hair of vital moisturizing proteins. It is one of the products we recommend to fix colour damage.